Enterprise Story – Essay Example

School Bob Gross and His Values Bob Gross, the founder and president of Robert C. Gross Associates is known for his accomplishments.A former member of the board of director and executive of some large financial such as First Interstate bank of Utah and Blue Healthcare Bank, Bob Gross gave a lecture on some essential down-to-earth values (Jon M. Huntsman School of Business). Indeed, what makes a successful person is not just his abilities and intelligence but his character and attitude.
With much accomplishments such as being an executive director of Utah’s Department of Workforce Service, Gross banners his ability to build relationships. It is believed that even businesses with the best products and practices “still need strong relationships to succeed in this marketplace” (Leading Insight ). Building strong relationships requires sacrificing personal feelings to protect the feelings of the others. This is most true in dealing with customers.
Selflessness has also paved way for Gross’ success. He specifically pinpointed that entrepreneurs should always think of others first.
Lastly, Gross champions in humility. Gross believes that good entrepreneurship do not ride with the scent of success so that it makes them boastful. His very words says “do not get caught up in hubris” (https://podcasts.usu.edu). According to him, humility makes people willing to learn just as what he has done when he kept on studying. A person who is humble accepts that his knowledge is not yet enough therefore feels the need to learn from others either through formal or informal ways.
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