Essay For Psychology Class – Essay Example

Essay for Psychology Interactive Influences of Nature and Nurture One of the most intriguing controversies determining the development of one’s personality is the issue of nature versus nurture. Those who presuppose that personality is determined solely by genetic predispositions conform to nature as the theoretical approach. In contrast, the supporters of nurture theory aver that family and social environment determine a person’s behavior. Mr. Firkin’s case of blaming both parents for his current anxiety, unhappiness, and loneliness is somewhat unfair and unhelpful because, as indicated in the interactive influences of nature and nurture, the factors that influence a child’s growth and development comprise not only of his parents (family) but from an interplay of genes and social environment, among others. Genetics play a significant role in determining certain traits or temperaments, the influence of her family, as well as the social environment (school, community) influenced and guided him towards maturity and made him the unique individual he is now.
Mr. Firkin’s lonely childhood could be influenced by the lack of attention that he received from his mother and the conservative style of discipline manifested by his father. However, he should not blame everything on them. He must consider that part of his behavior is influenced by genetics (traits which could be ingrained in this personality) and the experiences during his childhood (interaction with peers, teachers, relatives, other members of the community). His ability to cope and adjust to the demands of the situation is his personal disposition which he alone can actively change, if deemed needed.
According to Wachs, “the competent individual is one who can effectively adapt to and interact with his or her environment. Traits that define individual competence fall into five domains: cognitive skills, temperament/ personality, motivation, self-perceptions, and interpersonal style” (par. 1). Mr. Finkin’s experiences during childhood are influenced by both the nature and nurture factors, and therefore, his current behavior and competence should not be entirely blamed on his parents.
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