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Essay Quiz The Roman cities were built a long time ago. Some of the buildings are still in existence and others were destroyed over the years. Architecture design of the cities has been used as a reference to today’s way of designing cities. The first key element of the Roman cities is the street plan. The cities were designed in a way that there was a market place, justice and administration section, a city council building and a large temple. This design is very much common in our cities today (Huskinson 216). The second key element is the establishment of these cities. The cities were placed in areas which had not been previously civilized or areas which had earlier urban civilization. This is common in today’s establishment of cities. Most cities are situated in areas where there was once urban civilization or no urban civilization. It is changing with time depending on the needs and wants of the population (Huskinson 218).
The third key element is the growth of social classes. The rich were placed in the centre of the city where they had access to good facilities. The streets were well managed. The poor were at the periphery of the city with little or no access to good facilities. This is still common in the current cities; the poor are at the periphery with the rich dominating the best parts of the city (Bulliet et al. 156).
Although the city is highly populated, the environment is quite good. The buildings are well structured with many skyscrapers. The metropolitan is divided into neighborhoods and this is a key thing in Denver. There are plenty of recreational facilities in each neighborhood such as parks and theatres.
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