Eugene Curside Classics – Essay Example

Eugene Curbside ics 1972 Nissan Fairlady Z Introduction Nissan, one of the topmost car manufacturing companies in the world, introduced their sports range of cars in the name of ‘Z-car’. The first in the series of such cars was the Nissan Fairlady Z. Fairlady made its mark first in the year 1969. From then on, it improved its performance and made its way to be one of the top selling sports cars.
Overview of its design
The ‘Z’ attached to the name of the series actually implies the engine and its ravaging speed. The Fairlady Z (called as Datsun in America), was introduce in three models 240Z, 260Z and 380Z in a period of 9 years of since its introduction into the market. The basic model 240Z was the first in its series. It had a wheelbase of 2305mm and was about 4 meters in length. It weighed around 1000 Kilograms and had a fuel capacity of around 16 Gallons (US). It had a maximum power of 130Bhp and a maximum torque of 172 Nm. It had a 330 cc, 6 cylinder engine with 12 valves and achieved a maximum speed of 115 m/hr. Being the first of its kind, the car was priced around $3.5K, a pretty affordable price to pay at that time. (Carfolio 2008)
Market performance
On its arrival to the market, the Fairlady Z stunned everyone with its performance and stylish looks. Nissan, although considered to be one of the leaders in car manufacturing, it was this model that established their place in the top league. Having almost sold close to 100 thousand cars in just 5 years of its introduction, the Fairlady enabled the producers to sustain their place in the overseas markets.
Thought advanced versions of the car has come and gone from different manufactures, the advanced specifications of that time, the style and performance at such an affordable price and its durability makes the car one among the vintage cars that anyone could vie for, even at present.

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