EVALUATING – Essay Example

Although this presentation approaches the message on the church board from a utilitarian point of view, I think it is especially interesting to look at other aspects of where the message was actually posted: on a church bulletin board. Using such a venue implicitly makes any message political, regardless of its utilitarian value.
This could actually be a case of ethical relativism at work: any “True Believers” who attend the church will see things from more of a deontological point of view, since they adhere to a set of rules set down by the Christian God. This is made obvious in the message, too, which references meeting Jesus as though that will be certain to happen after death. To a non-Christian, the message does not really work.
Speaking from a utilitarian point of view the message is still effective in encouraging behavior that will benefit the most people. On the other hand, it could be a lot more effective if it were not tied to the belief system of a particular group of people. By revising the message on the board and taking out references to Jesus, even more people would be effected in a beneficent way, meaning that the act would be even more ethically good.