Everett Anderson Contributions Of African American Cell – Essay Example

Everett Anderson contributions of African American cell Based on a research on the polycystic ovarian condition in the Dehydroepiandrosterone-TreatedRat Model, Everett Anderson, the African American cell biologist, together with Lee Gloriay and Kelly O’Brien have found out that the resumption of meiosis is associated with the cystogenesis of antral follicles. In their examination, the authors found out that “histological examinations of ovaries from DHEA-treated rats for ten consecutive days revealed that the oocyte of antral follicles, ranging from 1.5 mm to 3.4 mm in diameter, had become activated, i.e., had resumed meiosis.”
Then they observed the resumption of meiosis which occurred in the absence of surges of follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) and luteinizing hormone (LH). According to Anderson, the period when many oocytes become activated (meiosis), “levels of serum androgens (DHEA, testosterone, and androstenedione) were high, while FSH, LH, and prolactin (PRL) levels did not differ significantly from those in the controls.” This means that Follicles which can resume meiosis can be part of a group of follicles which produces signals “when the oocyte becomes uncoupled from the granulosa cell.”
The results of this experiment as Anderson explores reveal that ovaries of animals injected with DHEA witnessed a resumption of meiosis in the oocytes of follicles 150 μm to 340 μm. The authors also “found the differences of percent oocyte activation between DHEA-treated ovaries and controls to be highly significant (P, 0.05) on most days except days 4 and 9.” Anderson and others come to a result which says that oocytes of early antral can resume meiosis FSH and LH surges measurable.
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