Expository – Essay Example

Bullying in Contemporary Times There has been continued dilemma faced by schools on the issue of bullying. I have frequently seen and heard from first hand experiences stories of acquaintances being victims of bullies since primary school. Other forms of media announce the serious effects of bullying which have led to several injuries (physical, emotional, and psychological) and even deaths.
The form of bullying remains to be the one of the crucial issues pervading schools in contemporary times.
Bullying is seen to be inflicted either through direct ways intending to physically harm the victim either through hitting, kicking, pushing and other physical aggressive actions. There is also the indirect form which we frequently observe, such as making fun of, spreading rumors, taunting, or excluding from social circles. The technological developments which emerged in contemporary generation have intensified bullying through easy access to the World Wide Web enabling a wider range of viewers from all walks of life to become helpless observers of the aggressive behavior imposed on helpless victims. There are controversial issues which remain to trouble relatives of victims and bullies in terms of the serious repercussions and consequences of aggressive behavior.
From among the widely manifested consequences of bullying, the most commonly exhibited by the victims are depression, anxiety, low self-esteem, and academic failure, among others. Frequent and persistent bullying has led to several reported incidents of death through suicide. Despite numerous amounts of research conducted on various perspectives on bullying, the problem remains unsolved. It is high time that school administrators and even students, who are observers of this aggressive act on their schoolmates, should play an active part in putting a stop to bullying. One’s simple and immediate response could save a victim’s life.