Fast Food – Essay Example

REGULATORY CONCERNS FOR FAST FOOD RESTAURANTS According to a report published by Info-Prod Research (Middle East) Limited (1999), “Qatar has no special rules or regulations governing either licensing or franchising operations. Moreover, there are no restrictions on the payment of fees and royalties. Firms interested in licensing or franchising their operations in Qatar, however, should identify local agents. The restrictions and precautions which apply in the case of appointing local agents for products and services also apply in franchising. Presently, there are few franchise operations in Qatar (mainly fast food services), and all are reported to be doing well in a market of no more than 400,000 inhabitants”. Due to the liberalized status of licensing for fast food restaurants, the proliferation of this kind of establishment continues to flourish. The repercussion of this is that in the future, the fast food industry would be highly congested with each fast food store competing with a limited market. Thereby, eventually, profit potentials for each restaurant would eventually decline if there would not be any limit or restrictions for the approval of licensing to operate in the same market.
As for the consumers, an oversupply of fast food restaurants could initially be perceived as advantageous in terms of according numerous alternatives to choose from. However, the oversupply of fast food chains which offer high in fat, sodium and cholesterol, is disadvantageous as it endangers the health of consumers and it inhibits the traditional practice of sharing meals with the whole family at home.
2- Also, I want you to talk more about what will happen in our houses if people will continue eat fast food. You can say things like it can separete the family because everyone in the family is prefer to go out and eat in fast food returants and so on...