German Stereotypes – Essay Example

Your German Stereotypes Stereotypes are commonly held beliefs about a nation or race. There are few stereotypes about Germans that I admire and hold true. One of the very popular stereotypes is that Germans follow the rules and abide by the law even at the oddest hour. One example as narrated by Kulish(2009) is the group of Germans lined up, waiting for green light to cross the road even in middle of night when there is no traffic at all while American easily jaywalk past in this situation. Because of their independent nature, Americans may admire German devotion to law but the situation is impressive and oppressive at the same time. German behavior may seem illogical to Americans but Germans do it as a respect to the published rule and I admire it.
Germans are perceived to be highly punctual and this is certainly true. Precise timing and efficiency of public transport is the living proof of it. I truly admire this stereotype because we value time. As explained by blogger FabExpat (2008), in Germany two minutes late is too late. While waiting for someone, he calls after two minutes and leaves after ten minutes of waiting because time is one thing that we can’t get back. On the other hand, there is almost nothing like punctuality in American culture. According to Elbenshira (n.d) in America, “on time” can range anywhere from 30 minutes to three hours later.
Another stereotype is, Germans speak very good English but with a very bad accent. It is comparable to America because they also have different accents in different states. Germans are well-educated and understand the international language. Accent is more of an identity rather than limitation. Different accent has nothing to do with proper communication and understanding others. It is just another shade of world diversity. I admire and hold it dear because it differentiates Germans from rest of the English-speaking world.
It is usual to perceive German society as terrifyingly efficient and organized. I feel proud about this identity. German social and official gathering are highly organized and our systems work efficiently. The whole world knows Germans as car makers. According to Kulish (2009), despite the long vacations and reasonable working hours throughout the year, Germany is the world’s largest exporter. This is certainly unlike America. More surprisingly, this country of 82 million people has beaten China in exports.
Germans want to dominate the world and why not? I admire it. Germany has tremendous culture and values to give the world. No doubt, Americans are not very different when it comes to world domination idea.

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