Glass And Soil Evidence – Essay Example

GLASS AND SOIL Glass and soil are important physical and chemical elements found at a crime scene. Glass is a physical property and soil is a chemical one. They are both analyzed in different ways and can lead to different results. They are vital pieces of evidence which can result in a conviction for a suspect. There are any number of reasons why they would be at a scene. Glass might be present if the crime involves a break and enter. Soil might be involved if a body has been dug up.
The two items are analyzed in different ways. Glass for example can be examined to determined how it broke or what type it is and where it came from. This type of analysis is less complex than the analysis that soil would undergo. It would undergo a battery of chemical tests to determine its pH levels, the presence of other elements in it, where it came from, its moisture levels, and so on. Soil can usually provide more information than a simple piece of glass because more is stored in its chemical composition.
Both forms of evidence can be very useful in tracking down a suspect. They provide a record of what happened at a crime scene that can be pieced together like the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle.