God Of Small Things – Essay Example

An Analysis on The God of Small Things Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things is essentially a and a critique of many aspects in the traditional Indian culture. The plot revolves around the experiences of the twins, Rahel and Estha, as they grow up in the midst of the many contradictions that beset their society and family. As the story develops, the reader is provided a glimpse of the Indian history, from its past as a British colony to its present as a country that is confronted with the problem of caste and class conflicts. Nevertheless, the tensions between the castes and the classes are presented not as a scathing social criticism but rather as narrative of its effects on the lives of the Rahel, Estha, their mother Ammu, and the rest of the members of their mother’s parental family.
Throughout the entire novel, Roy keeps mentioning of the small things as those events that occurred and witnessed by the twins and the rest of the main characters. The ‘God’ mentioned by Roy does not, however, refer to a divine being but rather the meaning of such small things. There are several parts of the novel when the meaning of each small thing is mentioned as the ‘big thing.’ One of these is when she points out that despite the great number of things to say, only the small things are mentioned while “the big things lurk unsaid inside.” (The God of Small Things 136) Roy puts emphasis on the fact that meanings can actually be derived from what are observed but the deeper understanding of such things is avoided because only the superficial are mentioned. In another instance, Roy also explains another angle at the relationship of small things and big things. She writes that the “the big things ever lurked inside” the small things. (The God of Small Things 320) Through the characters in the novel, Roy portrays ordinary individual lives in the context of a society that continues to battle discrimination, whether in terms of class, caste, or gender. Each of these lives, however, has meanings realized by the characters in the course of their experiences.
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