Halfway House – Essay Example

Halfway houses in Ohio are s that work for community welfare and prevention of recidivism thereby producing healthy and dynamic individuals. Indeed, various programs such as anti-criminal approach, Anti-drugs and Alcohol addiction are being offered to help patients receiver from their acute mental illnesses (stress, depression, night mares etc) and psychological disturbances that result in negative feelings, attitudes / behaviors and lead towards use of drugs, binge drinking and smoking etc for relaxation. A program implemented in past is not working well, hence following suggestions are provided for program improvement.
1) To change recruitment and selection process for hiring volunteers, psychologists, psychiatrists and brain doctors. Indeed, preference will be given to more experienced (15 – 20 years) professionals who could assure 100% implementation of programs and goal accomplishment. At present, most of the staff is under-experienced, thus unable to showcase optimal performance that has resulted in program failure.
2) Secondly, the program developers will focus more on education courses to make patients aware of various illnesses and their consequences. In addition, the training courses will focus heavily on physical fitness and regular exercise such as Yoga, Gymnasium and sports activities. Indeed, this would enable patients in recovering from mental stress, diverting attention towards other activities and developing interest in their life.
3) Empowerment of patients, especially women that suffered physical and mental torture / abuse from their male partners, husbands etc. will be ensured to build their confidence and trust.
4) Food quality and variety has to be improved because some patients complained that they were not satisfied with either.