HIV/AIDS – Essay Example

AIDS is more common in children and adolescents than it is in older populations. According to Forehand(2001) , the rapid spread of AIDS in adolescents is likely than in the elderly for several reasons. One of the primary reasons is the rate of adolescent sexual activity. Younger people have stronger drives to engage in sexual activity than older people. Moreover, many adolescent boys report having at least one homosexual experience . About17% of boys aged 13 to 18 have engaged in sexual behaviour with another boy (Meschke, Zweig, Barber, & Eccles, 2000; Sonenstein et al.,1998). Homosexual populations have a higher than average incidence of AIDS, therefore, adolescent boys that engage in homosexual acts are at a higher risk of contracting AIDS than elderly populations. Adolescents also are more likely to engage in unprotected sex. Some studies show that only one out of seven young adults between the ages of seventeen and thirty use condoms (Sonenstein et al., 1998). Unprotected sex makes adolescents more likely to catch AIDS. Adolescent risk taking doesnt just involve sexual activity. Teenagers going through adolescence are more likely to begin using drugs than older populations. Drug use involving needles helps to spread diseases such as AIDS.