How Just-in-time (JIT) Scheduling Depends On The Capabilities Of MRP-II – Essay Example

It is generally believed that the overall concepts and techniques outlined in MRP system are not new as the overall success of the system has been proven in many international firms. Just in Time, as a concept has evolved in Japan however, it is generally believed that if companies can be able to integrate JIT and MRP than they can actually achieve a manufacturing system which can be truly considered as perfect and world class. MRP-II also now deals with issues related with the inventory as it integrated into itself different aspects of business as a whole such as planning process and production planning process. (RC)
In order to allow to JIT work perfectly, it is important that an effective and reliable MRP-II system is implemented. As such MRP-II basically allow organizations to further fine tune the issues related with inventory management and other manufacturing processes dealt by MRP-II. Since MRP-II involves people as well as processes, it is therefore critical that there must be a seamless integration of JIT and MRP-II with each other so that a better manufacturing system can be evolved.
Some of the capabilities of MRP-II such as forward projection capability can actually help organizations to perform the various simulations in order to predict the non-linear demand. Further, automatic recalculation of the replenishment of the inventory can also take place through this system. This would mean that the MRP-II’s capabilities can actually enhances the capabilities of the management to better manage its JIT through a complete integration of the two systems.
RC, Titone. "Integrating MRP (materiel requirements planning) II and JIT to achieve world-class status." Hosp Mater Manage Q. 15.4 (1994): 62-66.