Human Development – Essay Example

Human Development Many of the processes of life are either acquired or innate. Aggression is an activity by an individual which is violent and maycause harm to another individual. Aggression is a learned process as is shown by several studies which were conducted by researchers. It was derived from these studies that individuals who were exposed to more aggression in life were themselves more aggressive in real life.
Bandura’s observational learning theory revolves around subjects who are exposed to particular acts of life and are then analyzed to see if they have any changes in their personality. A famous experiment conducted by Bandura known as Bobo Dolls was successful in finding these changes. Children were divided into three groups out of which one was a control. The two groups were exposed to aggressive behaviors by live individuals and on television. It was then seen that the children who were exposed to these behaviors were more diverted towards aggression than the ones who were not. The theory of Bandura clearly stated that individuals adopt certain behaviors after observing the behavior of others and the acquired results. The Bobo Doll experiments clearly showed that children were learning aggression from the models they were shown.
I being a normal individual am exposed to all kinds of behaviors in my daily life. Watching television and violence live has certainly changed my behavior. Observing the actions of others can change my behaviors in a similar manner.
Television and Video games comprise an important part of entertainment in the society. One grasps a lot of things through these television and video games. The research by Bandura has clearly shown that watching violent television shows and playing violent video games can certainly move an individual towards aggression.
In conclusion it can be said that aggression is an acquired behavior which should be kept a check upon in the initial stages of life. Video games and television shows for children should be designed in such a way that they do not grasp the worst of the behaviors. This is because children do not have a well developed mind to distinguish between the cons of aggression and other similar behaviors of life.