Human Resource Management – Essay Example

Each member of an organization or the employees has their own organizationally-defined roles to fulfill which would constitute to its success. Therefore, it is one of the most critical decisions that managers of the human resource departments and the organization as a whole must pay significant attention to. According to Dessler (2009), there are three major interconnected reasons why careful selection is needed.
Firstly and most importantly, Dessler (2009) noted that “organizational performance always depends in part on subordinates.” Therefore, it is safe to say that a significant portion of achieving the organization’s goals is determined by the capacity of its members to do so. As it has been emphasized earlier, each employee is assigned to perform specific tasks or roles. They are expected to portray specific skills, knowledge and attitude that are in line with their roles to put up with the expectations of the other members and the organization as a whole in terms of organizational growth and productivity. Hence, hiring the wrong individual for a certain job results to the opposite; and if possible, it should not be one of the options.
In addition, the inability to choose the right individuals for a position would make the termination of the newly-hired employees to become apparent. This would entail to begin the processes of recruitment, hiring and training all over again, leading to the second major reason that Dessler (2009) pointed out: increasing of the cost spent on recruiting and hiring of employees. Besides the additional efforts and time needed for the process of employee selection, its cost may come up to thousands of dollars -- another source of unnecessary expense.
The third reason, nevertheless, pertains to the legal implications of incompetent hiring. Issues such as giving equal employment opportunities to people without discriminatory attitude or any impartial treatment from the side of the organization, paying attention to criminal records of applicants directly related to the position in question or the tendency of the hired employees to do criminal acts towards other members of the organization or towards the consumers are also few of the important points which Dessler (2009) thought need to be considered in choosing the right employee.
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