Human Resource Management – Essay Example

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Employee referral campaign is a common practice and has been in use for years now. Employee referrals are a way of recruiting people using the current employees of a company. There are a number if positives and negatives for this in the recruitment areas.
Considering the advantages, it is important to note, as discovered by Professor Emilio J Castilla, it is clear that the level of productivity and retention of an employee who gains a job on referral is relatively much higher than any other recruitment process (Dessler, 2007). Also, here there is a higher chance for the employees to be ‘right – qualified’ for the job and this allows the employers to get the right candidates within the shortest time period. Also, the level of burden and responsibility on the recruitment team is much lower however there is a much higher return on investments for the company. Also, it is important to note that this form of recruitment generally tends to be the quickest and helps reduce the work of the human resources team. However this method also has a number of negative aspects as well.
Considering the negative aspects of the program, it is essential to note that any overreliance on the program can lead to under – representation of certain groups of people and can lead to employment discrimination in some cases. The use of this method can also lead to development of groups within the company and can lead to resentment and issues with fellow employees as well (Dessler, 2007). Finally, if companies provide restrictive bonus qualifications or excessive qualifications then there is a possibility for creation of a disappointment and de – motivation of the employees, which can also lead to reduced employee satisfaction (Dessler, 2007).
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