Human Resource Management – Essay Example

Human Resource Management Non-verbal communication plays a very important role in any interview. For an interviewee, it is necessary to know that howshe or he should present herself or himself and communicate their message to make the best impression with the interviewer. According to the UCLA, overall communication can be segmented through 7% of what the candidate speaks, 38% of voice quality of the candidate and remaining major part comes from the non-verbal communication. It indicates the importance of the non-verbal communication (Sadler, 2009).
People generally communicate through various levels and likewise one can be judged through various factors among which non-verbal communication holds due significance. It basically refers the eye contact, body movement and placement, posture, facial expressions and appearance as one walks toward an interviewer along with the hand and feet movements and others things of an interviewee. It indicates the process when one listens with their eyes. Even impression management also plays an important role in an interview. It refers to influencing of positive behaviors among the two concerned parties in an interview. It can be through verbal and non-verbal communication. Impression management can occur through expressive behavior in an interview process, such as smiling, nodding affirmatively, hand gesture and eye contacts.
Basically interviewers deduce the interviewees through their act, therefore non-verbal behaviors is of due importance. For example, the extraverted applicants appear particularly prone to self promotion and that strongly leads to the interviewer’s perception regarding the candidate if he will be job fit or not. In case, interviewer finds that that interviewee is trying to hide certain things, then his selection might depend upon the features of non verbal communications. Thus, it can be said that nonverbal behavior and impression management influences the rating of candidates.
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