Human Resource Management – Essay Example

Human Resource Management The charge of discrimination while interviewing a candi is very fatal offence in today’s It can be avoided if the interviewer is familiar with the rules and regulations of the hiring procedures in a particular country. It is a great source for the interviewer to adopt a policy which will facilitate fair recruitments. Another effective way could be to accommodate systems which would ensure fair recruitment such as the use of online tests, which will be beneficial in sorting out the deserving candidates on their own merits. Similar process like that of diverse interviewees can be interviewed in a phase. People should be interviewed regardless of age, caste, experience, etc as generally this method helps in getting the best probable candidates having different skills.
It is very important for the interviewer to judge an interviewee on their skills and not on any other personal basis. Language, caste, gender, etc should not be the basis for anyone’s selection. It is also required that an interviewer avoid questions which may evoke religious sentiments or questions relating to political views. Even controversial demographic questions should be avoided at the time of interviews. Also, the most important thing to be kept in mind by the interviewer is that the whole recruitment process should be transparent enough for each and every candidate to judge their performance in the interview. Otherwise the candidates may feel that they have been targeted on some racial, cultural or demographical factors. It may be very detrimental for the organization as a whole as it would invariably lead to bad mouth about the organization.
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