Human Resource Management – Essay Example

Q Why is it important for managers to appraise subordinates’ performance? Provide three reasons for performance appraisals: Answer: It is very important for the managers to appraise their subordinates’ performance
because of the fact that subordinates’ appraisals serve the purpose of giving the managers a chance to review their subordinates’ plans that they have for their careers with an emphasis on their individual merits and demerits. The strengths and weaknesses of subordinates are identified which helps the managers to decide particular tasks to be allocated to specific employees. It is indeed, a healthy practice to maintain the organizational work setup and improve the working environment.
Three reasons considering which managers should appraise their subordinates’ performance are as follows:
1. It is extremely important for an organization to have an adequate process for the
management of performance of the staff working to achieve the organizational objectives. Subordinates’ appraisal performs an integral role in evaluating the performance of individual employees. The appraisal, hence, forms a fundamental portion of the overall performance management process.
2. Subordinates’ appraisal allows them to work side by side with the managers and prepare
plans to identify the deficiencies and lay out procedures to set them right. Besides, the subordinates together with the managers realize and encourage things done appropriately. It helps to provide the organization with an appropriate check and balance system which is necessary to upgrade the organizational performance.
3. Last but not the least; the practice plays a fundamental role in deciding the respective
salaries as well as the promotions of the employees. This is indeed, one of the most sensitive issues in front of a manager.
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