Human Resource Management – Essay Example

Q. Explain the purpose of sick leaves and why sick leave pay causes difficulties for many employees. Answer: Sick leaves are meant to be availed whenever an employee does not feel well or has met with an accident on site during work that requires him to take rest. The specialty of sick leaves is that the sick workers continue to be paid despite the fact that they are not on duty for the period of sickness. In the recent years, there has been an increasing emphasis on workers’ rights and their health and safety aspects all over the world. Legislations require the employers to get the workers’ compensation insurance for their workers so that they do not have to suffer on financial grounds for a certain pre-defined period of sickness. The specific purpose of paid sick leaves is to relieve the sick workers of the financial concerns related to their leave and to provide the workers with an incentive so that they do not get back to work unless they are completely healthy and fresh. This is basically one of the several attempts that have been made to ensure the implementation of a healthy and safe work environment on the site.
Sick leaves cause difficulties for employers when the employees attempt to gain undue advantage of this privilege offered to them by the contract conditions and the labor law. Many employees use the sick leaves as an opportunity to celebrate the vacations and unnecessarily remain absent from the site knowing that their leaves are fully paid. The feeling that sick leave would not impose any financial liabilities on the workers makes them irresponsible and disrespectful towards their duties.
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