Human Resource Management – Essay Example

Q. Identify 5 steps that managers can take to create a strong corporate culture and to send the right signals to employees. Answer: Managers assume huge responsibility of the development and successful implementation of a strong corporate culture. This can not be achieved unless managers know the art of dealing with their subordinates in the right manner. Employees need to be sent the right signals in order to comprehend and play an active role in the development of the right kind of culture. (Dessler, 2008) while expressing his views about the matter, laid out five steps that are fundamentally required to be taken care of by a manager in his attempt to create a strong corporate culture. Dessler’s steps are listed below:
1. “Clarify expectations for values to be followed.
2. Use signs and symbols to signal the importance of values.
3. Provide physical (the firm’s rewards) support for values.
4. Use stories to illustrate values.
5. Organize rites and ceremonies reinforcing values.” (Dessler and Tan, 2009):
Employees need to be educated on the significance of values that are required to be inculcated in the very culture of the organization. In order to develop a true sense and awareness among the employees of the significance of values for the organization and the various entities concerned, it is imperative that managers make use of certain signals and stories that symbolize the concepts so that the employees can develop a more rational approach towards the interpretation of values. A rewarding system in support of the values needs to be developed so that the employees feel encouraged and contribute towards the development of the culture in the most appropriate way.
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