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The Impact of Education Apparently, education has been termed as one of the central issues in the U.S with most if not all people referring to it in order to comprehend almost everything that they require in life. Similarly, individuals have also relied on education in order to determine different outcomes and accounts that are associated with class, race, ethnicity and gender. Firstly, individuals have used education as central to understand how the modern society works and how high education is argued to give power and money to a section of people in the society. As such, through education, individuals are capable of identifying their class in society both politically and socially.
According to Platt (117), widening of social class is mostly influenced by power imbalance. Secondly, through education individuals understand that race does not human beings lesser or more important than the rest in the society, but instead create distinct features that are crucial in any society. At the same time, individuals who make reference to education in terms of ethnicity are bound to ignore the effects of ethnicity, and instead embrace ethnicity for the positive building of the society. In reference to accounting for gender issues, individuals are compelled to understand that any gender both male and female are equal human beings especially in modern society as opposed to traditional society where the male gender was considered more responsible and stronger.
Aspect of stratification learnt in schools
Having affirmed that education is central for individuals in society, it is worth noting that educational and social stratifications are crucial in learning institutions. In educational stratification, schools have been affirmed as the primary agencies for social selection for students in the U.S. Consequently, education must be attached to a particular set of variables, social settings and life cycle stage. In addition, there must be consideration of social, psychological and mechanism of biology in order to thorough expound on the role of education in any process of stratification. Furthermore, educational stratification could be best analyzed through the use of social accounting (Platt 129).
Conversely, social stratification is mostly dependent on the social status of the classmates. Of importance to note is that social stratification is dependent on whether the said classmate belongs to dominant or the subordinate class. It is worth noting that if classmates are from a dominant social class them their economic status is higher as compared to those who belong to subordinate class.
Education and inequalities
As articulated by Platt (112), education has been consulted in analysing the reasons as to why; inequalities are present in class, race, ethnicity and gender. In most cases, education has continuously been used to argue that the society would not at any given point be termed as equal in all aspects because the economic status within the society is different, there are both male and female genders in the society and various races and ethnicities constitute a society. Thus, trendies pertaining to such issues keep fluctuating as the society modernizes.
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