Illegal Immigrant & Abortion – Essay Example

Illegal Immigrant and Abortion Illegal Immigrant An illegal immigrant is a person who has goes into a country without official authorization or legal permission, or a person who enters a country legally but by violating the terms of legal entry or overstaying, falls out of status (, 2010). If apprehended, an illegal immigrant is deportable. I do not support illegal immigration. This is because it leads to divisive multiculturalism – it leads to the disappearance of a country’s national identity and language. Some of the illegal immigrants are criminals who run away from their countries and may become terrorists, drug dealers among others in the country of immigration.
Additionally, immigrants bring about fewer job opportunities and displacement in jobs in that native established workers (especially less-skilled workers) lose their jobs to them often especially because they are ready to work for substandard wages. Furthermore, illegal immigration hurts the country of origin because it deprives it of its top intellectuals and workers. Worse still, illegal immigrants consume a high amount of government resources since they are undocumented and do not pay taxes. I believe that governments should establish measures to ensure the prevention of illegal immigration into their countries.

Abortion is the removal or expulsion of a fetus or an embryo from the uterus by various means before it is viable. It may be either spontaneous (whereby it takes place naturally resulting from a physical problem with a pregnancy) or induced (an abortion resulting from any procedure conducted purposefully to end a pregnancy). An abortion induced with an aim of preserving the health of the pregnant woman is termed a therapeutic abortion while an abortion induced for other reasons other than the aforementioned is termed an elective abortion (, 2010).
While some people deem abortion as always wrong, others think that it is right when the life of the mother is at risk. To others, there exists a range of circumstances in which abortion is morally acceptable. I hold the view that abortion is morally and ethically wrong. Abortion is similar to murder because it involves taking human life. It is in direct defiance of the conventionally agreed upon idea of the sanctity of human life. A great percentage of those who go for abortions are in most cases minors or young women with inadequate experience of life – they do not fully understand what they are doing and most of them have lifelong regrets and psychological tortures. Moreover, abortion jeopardizes the life of the mother as well exposing her to medical problems.
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