Imagine You Are About To Start Planning A Flight From New York To Los – Essay Example

AR Essay 4/21 Imagine you are about to start planning a flight from New York to Los In order to be successful in life one has to consider all the aspects which revolve around it. Every profession in this world has its own obligations and limits. Airline companies strictly adhere to the rules of serving their passengers with the best services of safety and comfort. Being a pilot it is my duty to abide by the rules of my airlines and serve my passengers accordingly. The Flight from New York to Los Angeles without interruption takes almost 5 hours and thirty minutes. But if the flight takes a long route or stops in the middle it may take 7-8 hours. As I have to leave in the next few hours and have to reach Los Angeles as soon as possible I have to keep several factors in mind which would ensure that I take the safest of the route to reach there. The foremost factor which is to be kept in mind is of the bad weather at different places. The issue of weather which is to be considered by me should be checked upon with the help of different weather reports. I would firstly track the route of my flight and as to where the possible safest routes are. I would then check the weather reports of the New York City and its vicinities to know as to if it would be safe to take off at this time or not. Secondly I will note down the places from where my flight will pass and would compare it to the weather reports of the respective places. This would help me to analyze as to if the weather of these areas is suitable for the flight to travel or not. Aviation Weather Center can serve to be a great help in such a situation as it can be a perfect guide about the weather conditions in the sky of different regions as per the flights. It can help to notice disturbances in every region from where the flight would pass and thus help to decide as to which route is to be taken or if the flight should be delayed. Such information can also be taken from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration’s (NOAA). With the help of NOAA it can be determined as to what the forecasts are and where it is unsuitable to travel. NOAA can serve to be a tool which tells about all weather disruptions in the United States of America and thus is one of the important tools which can be used when it comes to travelling. Other than that I would confirm with my airlines about the routes which I am going to take and know about any weather disturbances in those areas. It is my duty to serve the passengers in such a way that they get a safe and sound environment without any disturbances and if I detect any flaw in my plane I would rather prefer their safety over my flight!