In An Essay Of 300 Words Or Less, Choose One Extracurricular Activity, Work Experience, Or Community – Essay Example

28 October, An experience that benefited me: Throughout my 18 years of life, I havenever fancied being a proctor in school, as the position brings tons of responsibility along with it. However, in the days when I was a senior in high school, I went ahead to take this challenge and participated in the proctorship program. Luckily, I was chosen as a proctor. I looked forward to bringing positive changes in an underclassmen dorm. 
During the first couple weeks of my proctorship, I had to balance between doing schoolwork, preparing for SATs, writing college essays, playing sports and being a proctor. My personal businesses made me too selfish to give time to others. Accordingly, I had developed conflicts with some of the people for not guiding them rightly. This negative vibe eventually resulted in a bad image of me in the eyes of the underclassmen. 
However, I wanted to be different and therefore, decided to be more responsible and aid fellow dorm members appropriately. I wanted my dorm to be academically strongest on campus and therefore, I individually helped every dorm member in this regard. Particularly, I helped some students abandon their habit of drinking on school by offering them sincere advice. Moreover, all proctors including myself researched on causes of bullying in American schools. We discussed it with the school community and suggested appropriate solutions to combat the evil in American schools. 
To sum it up, proctorship made me more responsible and cooperative. Now I can contribute to the school community in a better way.