In What Ways Does OSHA Help The Aviation Industry What Possible Problems Do You See In The OSHA – Essay Example

AV safety The PART 1926 of the OSHA provides the rules on construction safety and health provisions that require the manpower of certain industry to perform their work effectively in a surrounding which is unsanitary, hazardous or dangerous. I believe that this standard would be suitable and very important for aviation because of a specific coverage of work with regards to safety and health standard is concerned. Like for example the safety of handling high risk, fire protections and concerns that mainly focus on transportation.
OSHA is good for the aviation industry and so far, it has been effective in meeting its mission. My support to this argument is the fact that OSHA has been very aggressive in imposing fines to companies that violate safety policies which resulted to injury or even death of its worker/s. A good documentation would be the news release in the OSHA website that reports all cases of work-related injuries that has been met with sanctions. Records speak for themselves and OSHA’s statistics reveal that it has done its job. Aviation safety program is unique and that is why it is regulated and monitored by FAA. However, OSHA has been active in aviation especially after the 9/11 attacks which prompted flight attendants to support OSHA. If I were someone involved in the aviation industry, I would not find any cause for worry as far as OSHA standards are concerned. The standards are extensive in its scope. Details have been attended to carefully that all aspects of safety have been included in its guidelines for safety programs.
OSHA is good for the aviation however it must clearly write down the policies so that enforcement would be more effective. There are many legal loopholes and airline companies have the best lawyers to get away with their misdeeds.
OSHA. Occupational Safety and Health Association.