Indecent Behavior – Essay Example

Indecent Behaviour Music and life goes together holding their arms. Music has not only evolved from life and society but also it has evolved for the sake of life and society. There are numerous similarities and differences that are evident interestingly in the genres of music like Gangsta Rap and New Country although both the genres have evolved from the same origination belt and are quite contemporary too.
Gangsta Rap evolved during the mid 80’s and reached its pinnacle of popularity during the late 80’s. The music genre is precisely a sub-genre of the hip-hop music and was popularised by the rappers like Schooly D, Ice –T and rappers group like N.W.A. The music genre encapsulates the themes like alcohol abuse, violence, sexual abuse and open sex, vandalism, materialism, thievery, burglary, misogyny, rape and drive-by shooting. For celebrating such dark themes in their song they are criticized rigorously by the commentators of both the wings, left and right and often fall under the attacks of the religious leaders too. The musician of this genre defend themselves by saying that they only portray the lifestyle of the city specially the inside life of ghettos surrounded in and out of U.S. They proclaim that they are just like actors who wear the mask of their characters and portray fact about them. They also claim that they are just displaying the truth and that does not lead them to endorse the facts.
New Country, on the other hand, also bears many similarities with the Gangsta Rap. New Country music is also a sub-genre of the famous country music and commercially successful and immensely popular like Gangsta Rap. New Country also evolved during the first half of the 1990s which is quite contemporary to the Gansta genre. The class of musician playing and producing music under this genre are basically from the Neo-Traditionalist background. They also encompass the life style as a major theme in their music but are very much attuned with the flavours of country music; it celebrates the traditional folk and landscape with a highly modernized music punch. The themes of contemporary social issues are evident in the music of this genre but unlike Gangsta Rap it does not believe in an openness and dark themes exclusively. The bright side of the life is also celebrated often in these songs and this is obvious because ultimately New Country has also not been able to come out of the traditional country themes celebrating the exuberant and innocent landscape and life.
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