Informative Video Speech Assignment – Essay Example

SPEECH According to, the United s ranks ninth as the most obese nation in the world. Obesity is a critical issue that needs to be addressed in American because it affects the overall health of individuals. In order to combat obesity, nutrition and exercise must be implemented in order to save the future generations from obesity. Therefore, I will address the problem of obesity that plagues our society today.
According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity along with physical inactivity caused 400,000 U.S. deaths. In addition, obesity is linked with major health problems such as diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure, arthritis, and stroke. According to, almost 60% of children in America are obese and the rates continued to increase in an alarming rate in 23 states. With the current economic recession, obesity rates will continue to increase since nutritious foods will become more expensive. Clearly obesity has detrimental effects on individuals, and attempt to understand the root causes of obesity.
Medical experts after intensive research have contributed four major factors that cause obesity. One of the main causes of obesity is due to lack of physical activity. Physical inactivity remains as a top cause for obesity than any other factors. A study conducted by medical experts proved that a lack of vigorous physical activity is the main contributor to obesity for adolescents
The second leading cause of obesity that plagues our society is poor nutrition. According to, intake of excess calories and consumption of food that are high in fat, sugar, and sodium are proven to be linked to obesity. In addition, studies conducted by the National Institute of health, implementing a meal plan that is rich in lean protein, high in fiber and minerals, limiting sugars and fats can drastically lower the chance of obesity. While
Another cause of obesity that plagues our society is the extensive use of drugs and steroids, abused by individuals. According to the, steroids such as testosterone and some anti-depressant drugs may lead to obesity and weight gain. Moreover, diseases such as diabetes, in which patients inject insulin is also shown to increase body mass index resulting in obesity. While some drugs must be consumed that need medical attention, the overall use of drugs and steroids not only pose serious health risks, but also are linked to obesity.
The fourth cause of obesity that plagues our society is having a negative state-of- mind. It is a well-known fact that individuals resort to consume “comfort foods” when faced with a stressful situation such as relationship troubles, stress due to studying, and passing away of a close relative. Unfortunately, most of these foods lack the adequate nutritional requirements that are needed for the body, but are high in fats, sugars, and carbohydrates. Researchers at the Yerkes National Primate Research Center, Emory University, have found that psychological stress is linked to overeating by conducting an experiment on female rhesus macaques. Undoubtedly, obesity is a major issue that needs to be addressed in an efficient and urgent manner. Therefore, there are steps that can be implemented in order to reduce obesity in our society.
In order to reduce obesity that plagues our society, some major steps need to be implemented. First, healthier food choices must be provided in all institutions, so individuals have a better alternative. This will be a great opportunity for individuals especially adolescents to make smart food choices that have an important impact towards their health. In addition, it will enable individuals to be motivated about their health because they will see the results when their body is strong, energized and well nourished. Moreover, individuals should be encouraged to be active and physical by promoting extracurricular activities and sports. Without a doubt, obesity will be reduced, granted if these steps are adopted by individuals on a daily basis.
Unmistakably, obesity continues to haunt our society and is caused by lack of physical activity, poor nutrition, drug abuse, and having a negative state of mind. Individuals must acknowledge the fact that obesity rates will continue to escalate granted proper steps are not taken. Combating obesity will be slow and challenging, it is a long-term plan that can improve the lifestyles of millions of individuals in the country by offering healthier food choices and educating the young generation about obesity. Without a doubt, American can be a healthier nation for the future generations ahead.

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