Instructions Revision: Online Exploration 2 – Essay Example

To Teacher From Online Exploration August 2, The process chosen for this that requires instructions and subsequent revision is the common chore of changing oil in our cars. The website chosen was For Dummies How to Change your Cars Oil where it enumerated in bullet format the tasks involved in changing oil in our cars.
The website may have followed one of the strategies to make technical writing reader centered. That is, to simplify the process and to make the wording as layman as possible for it to be easily understood. While this may be a desirable strategy in technical writing, overdoing it has also its drawback. In the case of the For Dummies website, it oversimplified the process that it missed some safety procedures.
In the procedure, I would do the following revisions a) to first look for a flat surface before doing the change oil b) to put some stoppers on the tires before jacking up the car c) to jack up the car before crawling beneath the car and lastly to add a procedure on how to dispose the dirty oil.
My effort involved in this procedure is my assistance to my father when he does the oil change which explains why I am familiar with the process. I just recalled the steps we did everytime we do the change oil and compare it with the instruction.
I chose those instruction steps to be added because they are essential for the safety process of changing oil in our cars. The instructions missed it which could be dangerous and irresponsible because it did not mention on how to dispose the old oil.
How to Change Your Car’s Oil. (n.d.). - For Dummies. Retrieved August 2, 2014, from