Michael Gartner, the renowned Pulitzer Prize Winner for editorial writing, had once delivered a speech at workshop where he gave tips on howto keep the readers interested in one’s writing because ‘easiest thing for the reader to do is quit reading’! His 12 steps program for writing engrossing stuff is very important to not only survive in the cut throat area of journalism but it also helps in developing skills that are part of successful reporting. Gartner has emphasized that the good writings must be credible and succinctly written to keep his readers’ attention. He asserts that creative inputs, in terms of subject area which is backed by facts and written with sensitivity promote reporting that have the capacity to connect with the readers.
Gartner’s discourse on writing greatly facilitates in improving the skills and writing proficiency of reporters who want to succeed. The writings should never reflect writer’s biases but reveal fair evaluation of the subject as it gives credibility to the reporter, editor and newspaper. Indeed, developing relationship of trust and collaboration with the colleagues is important for good stories to get printed. Loving the job makes it easy for a writer to strive towards improving his or her skills through reading, listening and talking. He is, then, able to experiment with different format of writings so as to keep the readers involved in the reading.
Gartner, Michael. 12 Point Program to Good Writing.