Is Abortion Ever Morally Permissible – Essay Example

Running head: Is abortion ever morally permissible? Is abortion ever morally permissible? Inserts His/her Is abortion ever morally permissible?
The idea of a human being to take another human’s life is always abhorred by the society. The thinking of the society on this matter is so deep rooted that issues like abortion and euthanasia are also looked upon with the same lens. There are many schools of thoughts on the subject of abortion.
One school of thought is totally against abortion as it is something immoral and unethical (Marquis, 1989). This school of thought not only uses religion for its defense but also uses Kantian and Utilitarian ethics to argue their stance. Another school of thought allows the idea of abortion on the basis of personal liberty and they allow the mother to decide upon the abortion (Warren, 1973). The third school of thought presents ideas that are in the middle of the two extremes. They think that abortion may be plausible in some conditions and may not be permissible in some (Thomson, 1978).
The issue is so complex that a taking a single stance on the subject is very difficult. If we take into account all the logics put forward by all the schools we come to an opinion that ethical guidelines should be laid down and on the basis of those guidelines any solution should be suggested.
The first thing is that a human life has more value than anything. So a dying mother should be allowed to abort her kid in order to save her life. This should be a general rule. Also in the cases where mother is not potent enough to take care of the child abortion should be allowed. Victims of rape and incest should be given the liberty to decide whether they want to abort or not. Abortion should not be allowed if parents have no logical or rational reason for their actions. Exceptions should be made in the case of abortion as it is the only way to solve this ethical dilemma.
The debate on this issue will not settle very easily. The proponents of both the side have string arguments and no one way solution is logical. The Supreme Court case of Roe vs. Wade has instigated the debate. The right of a woman on her body is understandable but that right should be used according to the guidelines presented above.
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