Is An E-mail A Legal Document – Essay Example

Is email a legal document? According to the World Wide Web, electronic mail (e-mail) may be described as a system for sending and receiving email messages over a computer network. This medium has made it so much easier and time efficient to communicate with each other. Sad to say, the transmission of information (business or personal) over the internet, has given way for anti-social activities to take place. As such e-mails whether or not it was sent from a personal computer or a business computer are referred to as legal documents. When we transfer information over the web, we are actually taking a risk, for our information to be duplicated and used maliciously. The Cyber Law, was then instituted in an attempt to control cyber crimes.
With reference to Bubble 2.0, we don’t own any content! The information provided while signing up to IMVU, Facebook and Skype, the rights for the information came out of our hands, the minute we clicked or accepted Terms of Service. In addition, Skype actually needs permission to use your computer. It’s almost as if we exchanged our personal data, to utilize their services. This way they can utilize our personal data anyway they see fit. Exchange is no robbery, but this should be considered CYBER CRIME.
With regards to Facebook’s controversy, about the ownership of users’ contents, CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerburg said in a blog captured by the New York Times, assured us that we control our information. Yet, information on the site proves that we don’t.
Now is a time we are most vulnerable to hackers and crackers. We are looking for ways to protect our information. The SANS institute is training individuals about the basics of information security, and are trusted to be the one of the best in field of information security.
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