Is Technology Causing More Harm Than Good To Our Students Today – Essay Example

Is Technology causing more harm than good to our today? Technology plays a critical role in today’s world. It has bestowed many benefits upon us. Along with benefits, much harm is also associated with its usage. The innovation and development of products and services suitable for today’s world such as cell phones, internet and computer technology, all come under the heading of technology. All the technological growth has facilitated our lives with much ease and comfort. However, is there only ease and comfort that we have gained through technology? Obviously not, ease and comfort because of technology are mixed with adversities. Students are a community that gets mostly affected because of technology both positively and negatively (Hardin 2009). The question that arises in mind is, “Is technology causing more harm than good to our students today”.
I intend to find the answer to the question whether technology is harmful to the students today or beneficial. Technology has donated many advantages to students such as information retrieval at a faster and easier rate, convenient communication, sharing of content, easier researching and access to all kinds of academic information within a short span of time. Likewise, technology has also many disadvantages for students such as laziness, obesity, lack of face-to-face communication, lack of hard work, dependency, falling health and time wastage. Along with the above-mentioned advantages and disadvantages, many more need to be investigated.
For this kind of research question, the methodology that is suitable, is qualitative methodology and a detailed literature review should be there in order to investigate whether technology is harmful for today’s students or not. Various articles, books and websites will be accessed for information retrieval related to the topic.
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