It Is Reasonable To Believe In The Traditional Idea Of God – Essay Example

16 October There is a God I fervently agree that it is meaningful and reasonable to believe in the traditional idea of God. The argument that because there is evil means God does not exist is usually the main opposition to this stance. According to the Greek philosopher Epicurus, if God can abolish evil and wants to, why is still there evil in the world (“Positive Atheisms Big List of Quotations”)? This is the basic belief of most atheists who argue that there are so many problems in the world today. War and bloodshed in the Middle East, hunger and famine in Africa, and widespread diseases that affect millions of people are just the tip of the iceberg. Non-believers will tell you that if there were truly a holy and benevolent being like God, this entity wouldn’t allow such terrible misery and destruction to happen.
The fact that there is negativity in the world only shows that God exists. Biblically, God allowed bad things to happen to Job so that he would learn from them therefore good and evil exists concurrently. In Taoist tradition, good and evil is represented by the dualistic Yin Yang symbol (circle divided into black and white by a curved line) wherein both opposites are dependent on each other and help bring back a state of balance (“Dragongate”). Therefore if there is no God, then good and evil is non-existent too. But since the atheist says that pain and turmoil are evil, this would prove that there is a God because this overseeing entity examines the dual nature of all earthly individuals alike.
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