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Benefit Concert for Typhoon Haiyan Survivors The concert took place at VSLB 2040 and its main purpose was helping the Haiyan typhoon survivors. Besides aiding the victims, the Philippine concert also highlighted the beginning and the end of the typhoon in addition to showcasing other industrial problems that the people of Philippines have gone through. The concert was one of my best experiences since I had the chance to get involved in the culture of the Philippine nationals and enjoy the music that was played by the trio band. This band was keen at exhibiting their instrumental performance mostly comprising two guitars and the Kulintang. The instrumentals were harmonized and followed by cheers, sorrow as well as seriousness, which is deeply rooted in the traditions of the Philippine people. Although the performance was not the main issue of the concert, it had a thematic function as it symbolized the misfortunes that the Philippines has experienced that include pollution, persistent disasters, and little to no support from the government. During the concert, a video clip showed the effect of the typhoon especially in the main areas that include Samar and Tacloban. Furthermore, after introducing the National Alliance Philippine Concerns (NAPC), two speakers from National Legal Philippine Students explained the importance of the NAPC as one of the best bodies that have provided sustainable support and took the responsibility of pointing out the problems related to large-scale mining as it related to triggering the typhoon. The speakers also mentioned how Haiyan typhoon led to severe damage of the Philippines’ coconut industry affecting a large portion of the country’s production in the coconut sector.