Janus-Faced Technology – Essay Example

1. A technological innovation that changed our world and allowed the United s to penetrate many marketplaces is the airplane. The social purposeof the airplane is to allow people or goods to be transported to another place in a fast and efficient manner. The airplane helped unite people across the world by positive influencing the tourism industry. Mankind has taken advantage of aviation technology to increase the amount of trade between countries. Air travel helped advance the globalization movement by shorting the distance between nations. The United States during the 20th century was able to become a powerful player in the international scene. The airplane facilitated the transportation of diplomats across international boundaries. International trade has grown tremendously since the invention of the airplane.
The airplane was a great invention that helped mankind travel long distances in a short amount of time, but there were negative social consequences associated with its use. Two of the social problems caused by the invention of the airplane are noise and air pollution. Noise pollution hurts the quality of life of the communities located near major airports. Airplanes use jet gasoline to power its engines. Air travel creates CO2 emissions that pollute our environment. CO2 emissions are one of top contributors of global warming. One of the problems in the near future with air travel is that the amounts of flights are increasing at an alarming rate. By the year 2030 airplane travel will increase by 75%, while air cargo travel is supposed to triple.