Kid Rock Amen Song – Essay Example

The song is a compassionate plea to stop the degeneration of human values and stand united for causes that promote love and compassion. The song reflects the violence and double standard of the contemporary society where people employ subterfuge and deception to mover higher in the social strata. The violence within the social structure is vividly expressed in the lyrics and touches our heartstring. ‘Can you imagine what its like to starve to death’ (song). The lyrics raise the ugly repercussions of socio-economic disparity, hatred, racial differences and other social evils that have become part and parcel of current social structure. The lyric exhorts the people to lead a God fearing life.
The dilemma of identity, especially that promotes guilt and shame, forces people to hide their love and compassion against the façade of indifference or aggression. The short poem is loaded with powerful emotion that is palpable and extremely heartrending. The song is a message that human relationships can survive despite the flaws of human nature through love. The relentless chase for supposedly good life is fraught with disillusions because of the inherent superficiality and dishonesty of the character of the people in high society. It subtly urges us to be genuinely sincere and have a selfless motive that encompasses not only our welfare but also that of others. With innate sensitivity it pleads for unconditional love and not ‘give up so damn easy on the one you love’ (song). Indeed the following line sum up the message:
‘You know theres someone out there who
Unconditionally, religiously, loves you
So just hold on cause you know its true’.