Learning Experience For Personal Trainer Certification – Essay Example

Learning Experience for Personal Trainer Certification Aerobic training is a continuous activity based on energy acquired from oxygen intakeor inhalation. One can see that a personal trainer must be with deep understanding on a number of ways that can burn fat. Thesis statement: Aerobic training is one of the ways to burn fat but not the only way.
As pointed out, the term ‘aerobic’ signifies its connection with air or oxygen. In addition, aerobic training is important for an athlete to maintain physical fitness. Besides helping one to maintain health, aerobic training limits the possibility of a number of diseases. But the benefits of aerobic training are not limited to the sphere of athletics and physical fitness. Instead, one can make use of aerobic training as an innovative method to burn fat.
One must not misunderstand that aerobic training is the one and only way for burning fat. There are other ways to burn fat and aerobic training is one among those ways. But Ric Alexander opines that limited number of aerobic training sessions in a week may not be helpful for burning fat (Alexander 229). One can see that human body acquires energy from oxygen inhaled. Aerobic training is helpful for using this oxygen to its maximum level. When one compares aerobic training to day to day activities, one can easily identify that cardio respiratory endurance is helpful for burning fat.
There are other ways to burn fat like weight training, having food at regular intervals, walking, dieting etc. For instance, weight training helps one to strengthen muscles and burn fat. Less control upon food intake leads to obesity. When one controls food intake one’s body will be forced to use fat deposited in one’s body. Walking is another effective way to burn fat. When one undergoes strict dieting, one’s body reacts to the same in a positive manner.
Summing, one can see that there is a number of effective ways to burn fat. At the same time, aerobic training is one of the effective ways to burn fat. Besides, effectiveness of these ways is connected to one’s physical and mental health. In short, aerobic training is one of the ways to burn fat but not the one and only way to attain the same.
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