Learning Experience For Personal Trainer Certification – Essay Example

Learning Experience for Personal Trainer Certification: Blood Pressure The purpose of this paper is for me to take my blood pressure (systole and diastole) and the blood pressure of another person.
The result of the experiment was I generated a blood pressure of 120 systolic over 80 diastolic pressures for myself and a blood pressure of 130 systolic over 70 diastolic for my friend.
The current method for generating an overall blood pressure is to measure both systolic and diastolic pressure. From this perspective by examining both measures one gets a more accurate snapshot of what the overall blood pressure situation is like.
Systolic pressure represents one of the methods of measuring blood pressure. What this measure represents is a reading of blood pressure when the heart is contracting or in more specific terms this is actually the maximum arterial pressure during the contraction phase of the left ventrical during a heart rhythm. Diastolic pressure conversely is the measure of pressure exerted against the arterial walls when the heart is at rest.
Before one can define what normal values are one has to take into consideration a few different externalities such as the age of the individual, the gender of the individual, drug use, obesity or the overall cardiovascular health of the individual taking into consideration such factors as the presence of a heart murmur etc.
In general terms the average blood pressure for a infants is 95/65, 100/65 for youth and 110/65-140/90 for adults. However in consideration of adults
Excellent blood pressure is generally 105/70, good would be 130/85. Fair would be either 90/60 on the low end and poor would be anything below this, 135/85 on the high end with poor being anything over this point
Blood pressure is very dependant on the level of stress that an individual is under. High stress can strongly affect the quality of reading on the individual and in general terms increases the reading which may lead to false medical conclusions.