Learning Experience For Personal Trainer Certification – Essay Example

Learning Experience for Personal Trainer Certification The purpose of this essay is to provide a critical discussion of the benefits of exercise andyouth, with specific reference to whether or not weight training is safe and effective for youth.
Ultimately there is little question that activity is good for children/youths. Ultimately it is not advisable for young people to have very little or no activity unless they have a pre existing medical condition.
According to the Mayo Clinic strength training if done properly offers many benefits to young people. Everything from improved body image and athletic performance and sets a solid foundation for life long athleticism. However it should be noted that for kids the activities should utilize light resistance with controlled movements with special attention to technique and safety. Powerlifting and heavyweight training are not advisable for children.
However from another perspective it has been argued by Kilgore (2005) that weight lifting, and weight training is beneficial to all people regardless of their gender age, or activity level. The author had even argued that young people ca benefit but very special attention must be paid to athletic form, restricting over activity and ensuring that permanent damage is not caused through poor form.
According to the American Academy of Pediatrics (2008) there are strengths, weaknesses and risks associated with weight training. Ultimately the strengths are associated with long term health and the risks associated are direct injuries associated with poor form. Following these points special attention and very detailed lists are given on how youths should work out.
According to Kidshealth.org (2010) Children can safely begin ‘strength’ training once they are ready to begin organized sport but they generally advise using a body’s personal resistance by completing activities such as sit-ups or pushups and represents a very effective means of improving personal health.
Lastly , according to Discovery Health (2010) there tremendous benefit to exercise and strength training for children. The guidelines they provide suggest that children 4-8 should work on general activities (Running, skipping and any other fine motor skill work), children 8-12 should switch their focus to general endurance such as long distance running or throwing, after puberty children can focus their attention to improving balance and speed through resistance training.

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