Letter – Essay Example

Dear Denver Post Editor, I am writing this letter to express my deep disturbance of the loud noise coming from the church in my neighborhood. This isnot a personal issue as all of my neighbors are facing the same problem.
As a religious person, I agree completely with the freedom of conducting and practicing religious beliefs. However, the personal freedom of one person should end if it intersects with the freedom of others. The loud noise coming from the church is audible over the entire neighborhood. Although I live half a block away from the church, I still can hear the noise even while my windows are closed and the TV is on. The noise is hindering my studies, my rest, and my entertainment. I would not have sent this letter had we got a positive response from the church about our previous attempts. The neighbors have sent many letters of complaint to the church in the past, but have received no response. Moreover, the local police are unwilling to interfere because of the sensitive nature of the matter. Also, the issue is so much annoying because it is not happening once or twice, but on a regular basis, often several times a week.
I totally respect the right for the people to practice their religious obligations and my complaint by no means is a request to stop the prayers. Hence, I suggest that they move the church to a place closer to the park where there is vacant lot large enough for the church. The park is away from the residential area and has enough parking to accommodate all of the churchgoers.
I wish the good relations between the church and the community continues, allowing us to solve this issue peacefully. Thank you for spending your valuable time in reading this letter. I would be very grateful if this letter were published in your newspaper.
Meshal Alqurashi