Letter Of Intent – Essay Example

Applicants Applicants Address Addressees Designation Addressees Location Dear ___________ Being a medical technologist who has had sufficient exposure to hands-on trauma experience, I have gradually developed a sense of profound accountability toward health and patient care. The set of duties I manage to execute through surgical tasks have in effect made me realize how truly delicate a medical mission is and that the doctor in charge and his support staff ought to have synergistic collaboration besides expertise to function at the optimum on saving human lives at the verge of loss.
While working in an orthopedic environment as a scrub and medical instrument technologist, specific encounters suggest that every medical approach requires ample knowledge, patience, and sincerity on administering treatment for those under emergency or in substantial need of medical attention. In this light, I have learned to value life more as well as enhance my skills that are pertinent in helping to provide the appropriate tool and aid for the patients the moment that the physician engaged is not within reach.
As a way to proceed with the career and any related future endeavors, I desire hence to express my intention of pursuing an opportunity in this school as a physician assistant. In this field and location, I am fully confident that extensive training awaits on each event of facilitating a target patent with the suitable treatment and care, There would further exist a sense of leadership to master oneself and conquer any anxiety by taking complete responsibility in relieving doctors of their routine chores such as making diagnoses, ordering and interpreting laboratory tests and X-rays, treating and examining patients, as well as documenting medical histories.
According to the highest opinion of certain acquaintances who happened to place some involvement in the atmosphere here, it appears that the schools program is capable of getting each each learner to be deeply invested in the medical career of interest. This way, I would have more faith on the possibilities of improving my relevant potentials as a physician assistant through constant practice upon application of the acquired learning.
Should you consider my application for approval, I would be glad to set an appointment where we may discuss requirements you would necessitate for me to fulfill. I do hope to be part of this school from which I could obtain knowledge at depth and be able to impart it back with equivalent intellect, accuracy, and values in medical terms. Will look forward to hear from you asap.
Thank you in advance for your time in evaluating my application (curriculum vitae herewith attached).