Life Science Connection – Essay Example

Kangaroos There is a rather amusing anecdote about how Kangaroo got its According to the anecdote, when Lieutenant James Cook and Sir Joseph Banks first saw this hopping animal they got puzzled as they had never seen such an animal before. On asking an aborigine what animal it was, he replied ‘Kangaroo’ which in Guugu Yimidhirr language meant ‘I do not understand your question.’ Thus, it was through a mutual lack of understanding that this animal got its name.
A kangaroo hops, it can neither walk easily nor can it run like other animals, but it can do what it can at an amazing speed of 70 km. per hour while clearing obstacles that are ten feet high. They balance themselves with their tails and if you lift a kangaroo’s tail, it can neither stand properly nor hop. There are over sixty different varieties of kangaroos with the tiny half a kilogram rock wallaby at one end of the spectrum and the 6-foot, 90 kilogram red kangaroo at the other. They hardly drink water and are herbivores having the habit of regurgitating their food (DFAT).
But their most fascinating aspect is the female kangaroos have pouches and carry their little ones in these pouches till they are matured enough to venture on their own. Actually, a baby kangaroo is born in a highly immature state weighing less than a gram and stays in its mother’s pouch, clinging to her teats for the first seven to ten months of its life (Britannica).
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