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The theory of Erik Erikson’s stages of life is useful in analyzing the development of cognitive learning and social growth development. Based on my mother’s story, I started to learn oral sensory prior to visual contact and touch during infancy stage. At this stage, I trusted only the people I know which are my family members. When a stranger tried to carry me, I showed signs of mistrust by crying-out-loud.
In early childhood, I started to learn to walk, talk, eat by myself, and toilet training. There was even one summer when I tried to act like my father by wearing his shoes and belt. Between infancy and early childhood stage, my mom told me I was practically curious about anything I see in my surroundings. Upon examining the Erikson’s stages, I learned that play age is the time when most children initiates creativity adapted to their play situation.
During school age (6 to 12 y/o), I took extra effort to in my studies. I was eager to do better than my classmates. Each time my classmate could score higher than what I get, I used to feel inadequate and total failure. On the other hand, I feel more competitive whenever I ranked the highest in class. This is a good example of Industry vs. Inferiority (Boeree, 2006).
Although I managed to do well in class, the biggest influences in my life during the adolescence stage (12 to 18 y/o) were my friends. I remembered searching for my own identity during this stage. I normally end up asking myself who I am. I used to be idealistic in terms of my outlook in life too. My idealistic thinking had caused me to experience role confusion sometimes.
I am now 24 years old (young adulthood stage). As part of my emotional
and social growth development, I managed to maintain a serious relationship with my significant other. Because of my ability to develop intimate relationship with another person, I can say that I was able to overall all the challenges I had during the infancy, early childhood, middle childhood, adolescence, early adulthood stages in life.
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