Management Presentation Powerpoint Slides (speaker Notes ) – Essay Example

Your full September 11, Talent Pipeline The narrator tells us about an exit interview with anemployee, Anna, who left her former company because she found that her skills were going unnoticed and unappreciated. Not caring for why employees leave is a very important topic in the subject of talent management. Companies need brains that work and produce good results. No brains means downfall. Thus, talent and proficiency needs to be cared for at all costs. This is a competitive market where companies are fighting to hire the best talent out there. So, these always embrace those employees who leave their jobs with other companies just because their talent was not being praised. This is what talent management talks about. That is, respect expertise before you lose it. This is because looking for new employees is a second option. First option is to value and keep happy the already existing ones. Employees need to be listened to when they have problems, and need to be talked about when they produce good results. They need compensations, rewards, bonuses, promotions, and other benefits to keep them happy. The absence of these makes them think about leaving their jobs and go to some other company that would recognize their skills. Thus, talent pipeline must be managed properly although it adds cost to talent management. As for me, I would like to give special importance to talent management when I will become a business leader myself, because it is the talent pipeline that feeds the business and ensures great productivity.