My favorite perfume brand: My favorite perfume brand is Ralph Lauren. Pure Turquoise is one of the most recent products by Ralph Lauren and has not been around for long. Polo was the first product of Ralph Lauren that was launched in 1967. (Bloomberg, L.P., 2010). I have been using the perfumes of Ralph Lauren since my childhood and have stuck to this brand since then. What is special about Ralph Lauren is that every time I wear a perfume of it, it feels as if I have smelled something entirely new, different and elegant despite the fact that I have been wearing it for years. From Polo to Pure Turquoise, all perfumes by Ralph Lauren share the same excellence and decency. I feel that Ralph Lauren defines my personality and many people identify me by some of the perfumes by Ralph Lauren I always keep wearing.
What first drew my attention towards Pure Turquoise was a lovely add I happened to see on the television some time ago. It starred a woman whom I found very attractive in actions, tone and looks although I did not know her. Presenting beautiful girls wearing the product of a brand is, perhaps, a plan to trap the men.
I particularly chose Ralph Lauren as my permanent perfume brand because it keeps coming up with new fragrances frequently. Prices are moderate while quality is extreme. Besides, the fragrance of Ralph Lauren perfumes stays much longer than that of most other renowned brands would. In addition to that, it is equally popular among men and women because its products address both genders. Quality is what matters to me and Ralph Lauren delivers that as promised in its advertisements.
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