Marketing Distribution Management#4 – Essay Example

Global Marketplace QUESTION FOUR It is an accepted idea that advancements in communications and technology is increasingly restricting consumers’ needs. It makes them demand the same product all the time. This is true, as multinational companies tend to defend and continually encourage the use of their products. These companies customize their services and goods to rhyme tastes and preferences of local markets.
To curb this, all firms ought to go global. They should homogenize product marketing, distribution and production in all countries throughout the world. This is a beneficial move as similarity may be more profitable than difference, and the flow of economies of scale would be to their own advantage. Levitt’s ideas, therefore, are in agreement. However, consumers seem to be in control of market demands. They are better positioned to direct their tastes and preferences to particular products rather than be influenced by companies. Therefore, consumers are in control of the market trends, in my opinion.
Due to advancements in time and technology, some of Levitt’s proposals have been outdated. This is accredited to globalization trends that continuously changes overtime. His contribution to the theory and applications of marketing globally cannot be over emphasized as they revolutionized market trends. The needs of customers follow their individual culture and tradition, and this centralizes the global market. Throughout the world, customers crave for new products that are made universally available by companies. Technologies, therefore, come closer into unison to meet consumer’s preference of the very same things, lower prices and high quality. It, therefore, is essential to improvise and create new Microsoft products that meet global requirements based on consumer taste and preferences (Verbeke).
Verbeke, Alain. International Business Strategy. Cambridge city, UK: Cambridge University Press, 2013.