Marketing Management – Essay Example

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Distribution channels are the most effective manner of creating competitive advantage for companies. For the success of any company, the management tend to continuously evaluate the channels and the distribution systems in place in the company as well as new methods to reach the consumers. Kotler and Keller explain, “Vertical marketing systems (VMSs) arose as a result of strong channel members’ attempts to control channel behavior and eliminate the conflict that results when independent members pursue their own objectives” (Kotler, Keller, Koshy, & Jha, 2009, p.418).
The distribution programming works on building planned, professional, vertical management systems which meets the needs of both the manufacturers and the distributors. The main aim of this method is to identify the needs of the distributors and build distributor merchandise programs to help the distributors work effectively and efficiently. It is also important to note that the effort depends a great deal on the ability of the firm to adjust and improve the operations. Also, it is for the firm to recognize the new concepts and ensure that all the employees of the company work towards the implementation.
Although distribution programming has a number of advantages, it is also essential to note a few of its drawbacks. Firstly, it requires continuous monitoring and managing. Secondly this is relatively less flexible and the changes can lead to less efficient performance. Also due to the lack of flexibility, there are also chances for delays in the overall adjustments. However the overall benefits of this is much higher than the drawbacks and also this method provides higher opportunities.
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