Markting 3000 – Essay Example

Humans have natural tendency to learn things from their external environment. Indeed, they tend to select role models and adopt their characteristicsand attributes in real world scenario. A role model refers to an influential person who could persuade and inspire his / her viewers and listeners. This paper will throw light over the show Ally McBeal that casted Calista Flockhart whose skinny appearance and zero size portrayal as ‘Ally McBeal’ became a role model in various societies.
Ally McBeal was an American comedy television show produced and aired in 1997 while ended up in 2002 after tremendous applause, success and appreciation. Indeed, it was one of the TV programs that largely impacted US culture, especially, the personality of teen-aged female students and young graduates who were inspired from the character of Ally McBeal.
Calista Flockhart was portrayed as a desperate Harvard graduate who was perturbed from within and was in quest to find a perfect match to delight and satisfy her inside feelings. Nevertheless, she became a role model of women across the world because of perfection in her acting and excellent presentation of major themes. However, she was quite skinny and her style was copied by so-called fashionable women who wanted to enter in showbiz as a zero-size model girl. In short, the women desired this unhealthy appearance to imitate the role played by Calista. The worst part of this development is that even celebrities imitated this scrawny look, which the evidence that her program put long-lasting, though negative, effect on cultural values worldwide.